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Whether you want to or not:
Admit it to me, now
Gelatin residue on our eyes
From a night spent together in dreams
Fake worlds of green and orange
Entwined so, so naturally
Without a trace of jam
Delicious jam.

And whether you want to or not
We’ll be there again
Shooting from a straw
Rising up, resistance
And splattering on the stars
Higher than birds in the sky
Where one day we’ll be
Whether you want to or not.
Fighting is not an option
I can walk on water
And spread tulips from my fingers
Conveniently reflective
See yourself, see myself
Standing together
Whether you want to or not.
Spread like butter
Washed over the treacherous seas
Too thin to make out
Sitting among the heaviest clouds
Roasted, falling
No more delicious jam
You must leave now
Whether you want to or not.