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Photo by Christopher Czermak on Unsplash

Told no yet again, a boy quite bright
yearns for adulthood and its vast opportunities
while his teacher, contrite, prays each night
for childlike innocence and its impunities.

A cog in the enterprise stares outside hopefully,
wishing to one day travel and roam
while a trucker abroad eyes the skies woefully,
longing for his family back home.

A writer eyes tales of explorations he’d favor
if only his straining finances were better
while a doctor buys placations she’d savor
if only her draining job would let her.

A man of accolades worked himself to death
but wishes he had spent the time to find a wife
while a grandmother sobbing in the next bed over
wishes she had done more with her life.

A sick man’s family waits beside him frankly,
helplessly wishing his sickness would mend
while the sick man stares blankly,
breathlessly wishing for quickness in the end.